Leading From the Inside

At iPriority we are developing leaders from the inside out. And we are doing so by cultivating a different kind of leadership, personal leadership. In the most basic terms, we provide resources and tools to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview.

We’re a professional community actively working on integrating our professional, personal and spiritual lives.

At iPriority we believe true success is a process of integration. Personal leadership develops from the inside out. At the core of all we do is our value system, what some call our “center” or “true north”.  And we know it takes courage to dig for answers and really get to know ourselves.

That’s what seeing with a new “i” is all about. Looking yourself right in the “i” without flinching. It’s about searching for the truth beyond the hype. Getting a new perspective. Finding your “true north”.

We’re asking top leaders and friends to reveal what they see about themselves. They share their journey, with all its joy and passion and warts and stress and the risks that they have faced. They talk candidly about what honesty, integrity and character mean to them. About what makes them tick, what it is like to live with a strong value system, how they found their “true north”, and how they integrate these values into their whole lives.