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Quick Reads are short articles by leading business experts on the topics of professional and leadership development, business excellence, interpersonal skills, career advancement and other professional topics.

You can use these short articles for your own personal development or print off several copies for group discussion at work.

Balance in Life
Knock Yourself Out: Getting Out of Balance
How to Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

Career Growth
How to Love the Job You’ve Got
It’s Not Just A Job
Myths Of Modern Business
What We Deserve

Dealing With Change
Dealing With Change
Acting in Times of Uncertainty

Personal Management
30 Ways to Save Time & Accomplish More
Maximized Management
Take A Small Step Toward Order Everyday

Personal Growth
Handling Workplace Criticism
Performing At Your Potential

Problem Solving
Conquering Difficult Tasks
Courage at 36,000 Feet
Creative Solutions
Overcoming Obstacles
Prospering Through Problems

Committing to the Commitment
Do the Small Things First
Making A Habit Work For You
Rising To The Challenge
The Power Of Perseverance

Inner Life
A New Kind of Courage
Answer for Worry and Anxiety
Are You An Optimist or a Pessimist?
Conquering Fear
Decide To Be Emotionally Resilient
Growing Up Isn’t Just for Children
13 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself
A Private Self – Public Self Letter

Leadership – For the Battlefield and Business
Leading Conversations
Leading in Times of Uncertainty
The Do’s and Dont’s of Listening
The Operational Leader
The Ten Commandments of Leadership
What’s Leadership?

Managing Stress
Laugh a Little: It’s Good for Your Health
Stress – Turn It Into Success
Stressed Out? You Might Need Sleep
Stressful Environment Analysis
Surviving Workplace Stress
What to do in times of crisis?
Stress Level Analysis
Type A Behavior Test

Optimism – Relax and Have Fun
Life Is An Adventure
Sometimes You Gotta Laugh
See the Sunny Side

Overcoming Failure
Learning From Failure
Making Failure Your Friend

Overcoming Loss

Overcoming Problems
So You Had A Tough Childhood!  

Problem People
Dealing with Blasters
Getting Along
Ways to Handle Conflict Management

Serving Others
Dealing With Immediate Needs
Living With an Open Hand

Having a Vision
Bringing a Dream into Reality
Creating Your Own Future
Doing Your Dreams
Goal For It
Show Me The Compass
What do you want?

Be Positive
Becoming An Enlarger
Being Connected
Beyond Cooperation
Embrace Excellence
Nine Secrets of Superstar Salespeople
Priorities – The Key to Success
The Price Of Success
The Will To Win
Why Champions Win
Why Not Me?
You Should Ask For It
Your Personal Brand Identity

Team Building
How to Hire a Winning Team
Identifying Leadership Potential

Leadership Reflections
Clark Kellogg – Beyond The Final Four
Don Baker – Pass It On
Don Collins – It’s Easy As Dell
John Grisham – Still Just An Ordinary Man
Pat Summerall – Reflections on Career and Life 

Leadership – Toolbox
The Leader: A Fresh Look At Competition
The Leader: A Fresh Perspective
The Leader: A Look At Ethics
The Leader: Achieving Effectiveness
The Leader: Affirmation
The Leader: Appreciating All People
The Leader: Blind Spots
The Leader: Caring
The Leader: Customer Service Results?
The Leader: Customer Awareness
The Leader: Dealing With Negative People
The Leader: Learning From Children
The Leader: Learning From The Master Teacher
The Leader: Learning Through Teaching
The Leader: Leveraging Our Time
The Leader: Polite
The Leader: Providing Mutual Support
The Leader: The Incomparable Gift
The Leader: The Power We Hold
The Leader: What If …?
The Leader: What is World Class?
The Leader: Seeking Wisdom

Emotional Health
Alive and Well – Physical Health-Emotional Health
Anger – Tame it or be Destroyed by it
Depression – Overcoming it
Failure – Surviving and Thriving from it
Hope – Making it Through Tough Times
Loneliness – A Vacuum that can be Filled
Stress – Turn it into Success