Inner Views

Inner Views are interviews that go below the surface. Ipriority provides over 50 Inner Views from young professionals and established leaders in a variety of industries. These Inner Views provide honest responses on each person’s professional, personal and spiritual perspectives on career and life.

Of course, in today’s mobile and changing workforce, these Inner Views capture a point in time in each person’s career and industry a snapshot of their life in a certain role and company. Each person’s career path will change and modify over time, yet the perspectives they share are timeless.

We have found that organizing this list of Inner Views by industry group has been the most helpful to young professionals around the world. Please scroll through the list and sample some of the Inner Views that are most interesting to you.
[Note – Each professional’s company at the time of their interview is listed, but in each case, their remarks and perspectives are in no way officially endorsed by their employer.]


Eric Metaxas

Business Development

Shoreview Partners – David Smith

Troy Star – David Roosevelt


CBRE – Ryon Paton

Institute of Innovation, Integration, Impact – Brett Johnson

KMPG Peat Marwick – Robert Grooms

March First – Peter Han

Corporate Real Estate

Cameron Management – Dougal Cameron


Entergy Koch – Kyle Van

Quantum Energy Partners – Will VanLoh

Reliant Energy – Ron Orsini

Pin Oak Investments – Brad Dunn


AmpEnt – Ray Smith


Emerge – Kevin Smith


Halston LLC – Nick DeMarco


Goldman Sachs – Greg Zehner

eFinancial – Paul Iacovacci

ING Barings – Richard Johnson

ING Barings – Russel Aschcraft

Financial Services

Middlebury Capital Partners – Ted Lucas

Bank of America – Tyler Dann

Investment Banking

The Institute – Howard Davidson

Chase Bank – Seth Crone


Washington Press Bureau – Doris McMillon

Legal Services

Quantum Energy Partners – Michael Dalton


Symmetricom – Tom Steipp


Digital Century Capital – Hunter Wood

Lit Torch Publications – Todd Sinelli

The Marketing and Planning Group – Gordon Pennington

ImageDog – Andrew Miniger


Fortune Magazine – Robert Hawkins

Fox News – Sonya McNair


Atwood Richards – Arlene Santangelo


Stree Global Investment in Women – David Friedman


Apple – John Brandon

Boradband Communication – Byron Smith

Intel – Guy Anthony

Intel – Pat Gelsinger

Net Geo – Michael Yang

IBM – Bob Baima

Wealth Management

InvestLinc – Troy Wiseman

Wealth Place – Leslie Wilson